What is a Target Group? 
Target Groups are classes that are typically offered on Sunday mornings.  Class topics fit into five general categories:  1) Getting to Know Crossroads 2) Foundations of Crossroads   3) Strengthening Families 4) Personal Growth 5) Life Care.  Classes are offered to the church body and are often 5 - 8 weeks in length.  Class sizes are often limited to about 20 - 40 and there is often a nominal fee for the materials needed to participate in the class. 

Why Target Group classes? 
First of all, they help us fulfill our mission by equipping people to Love, Connect and Serve on their Journey with Christ.  Secondly, we often say that the bigger we get the smaller we must become.  Small groups, in all areas of our ministries at Crossroads, are at the core of who we are.  As we strive to place people in small groups at Crossroads, we believe small Target Group classes allow for greater discussion, learning and transparency among participants.  We encourage class participants to continue to build their relationships with people they've connected with once their classes have concluded. 

Lastly, we want to look for ways to help equip people to become better Christ followers.  This comes through a variety of class opportunities covering a broad spectrum of topics.  We’re always encouraging small group development!

Here are just a few examples of Target Group classes...

  • Financial Peace University

  • The Smart StepFamily

  • The 5 Love Language

  • Love & Respect

  • Revolutionary Parenting

  • The Case for a Creator

  • Pressure Points - Bible Studies for Life

  • and many more!!!