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knowledge of the holy - chapters 2 and 3

notes from the reading:

A helpful quote from the chapter(s):

What this attribute means in how I relate to God and how He relates to me:

Questions I have:

renewal passage

psalm 51

scripture memory

psalm 51:16 - 17

renewal meditation:

What truth does this passage teach?

How does it help me understand God more clearly?

What can I apply from this passage to my life today?

overwhelmed by the greatness of god

prayer encounter - Wednesday June 17, 2015

Overwhelmed...what comes to mind when you think of that word?  Often, the mere mention of the word causes negative responses associated with:

· Schedules stretched to their limits

· Messy relationships

· Challenges related to parenting

· Stresses at school

· Job issues

 Pastor Scott challenged us with a recent sermon series to choose to be more overwhelmed with the greatness of God than with our circumstances.  As I have sought to do this, I have found that when I turn my thoughts to my Creator God, the circumstances-while they don't necessarily go away—certainly fall into a more proper perspective.

 My prayer is that through this prayer event, you and your family or small group of friends will be able to:

1.) Get a quiet place

2.) Clear away...any distractions

3.) Pray a unique way

4.) Come away...completely OVERWHELMED & REFRESHED by the greatness of our God!


Things God spoke to me about / during my Prayer Encounter:

Things God wants me to do as a result of my Prayer Encounter:

People I need to reach out to as a result of my Prayer Encounter:

prayer blitz

Saturday June 20, 2015

The most meaningful part of this Prayer Blitz was…

One person I prayed with was…

In what way did this time of prayer draw me closer to God?

Other notes:

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