Renewal News

During Renewal 2015, as we seek to be Refreshed by the Greatness of God, there will be some times to engage in prayer together. We wanted to take a moment to provide you dates and a brief description of what each prayer time will be focused on.

It is our hope that you will plan to engage in several of these various prayer opportunities throughout the summer.

If you click on one of the links, it will take you to the event page on CCO where you can RSVP and add it to you CCO calendar.


Prayer focus

- Each Sunday from June 14th - September 6th Room 105/107 will be designated as a place to pray during the morning worship service. This will be a guided time of prayer centered on the Scriptures and the various attributes of God. Anyone is invited to participate either prior to or following attendance in a worship service. Whether there for a few minutes or staying the entire time, this time will provide some flexibility as the leader guides the focus. Parents, you are welcome to bring children in the prayer time with you. We ask that you please not disrupt the children's ministry environments in the midst of a service. If you plan to attend an entire service in prayer then your children are welcome to attend their class twice (please pick up and drop off between services) or they can attend the worship service with you.

Prayer Encounters

- These will be unique, creative and interactive times of prayer together as we exalt God and pray for one another. There are three Prayer Encounters. The dates are June 17th, July 22nd, and August 12th. The Prayer Encounter on June 17th will take place "out and about". You will be given a box with instructions as you go out and pray. Boxes will be available the Sunday before or that Wednesday evening. The Prayer Encounter on July 22nd will be here at the Crossroads Church campus. Through utilizing different prayer stations, your heart will be directed to contemplate the awesome nature of our God. The Prayer Encounter on August 12th will also be held at Crossroads. The Elders will lead this powerful time of seeking God and praying for one another. All three will be family friendly opportunities although there will not be any children's ministry provided.

Prayer Blitzes

- These opportunities to pray for and reach out to our communities will give time for us to speak of the awesome God we serve. Prayer Blitzes will be held on June 20th, July 29th and August 19th. We'll begin by gathering at the church campus for some time of prayer for our communities and then we'll go out and ask people how we can pray for them. In doing so, we want to demonstrate the love of Christ and give the opportunity to speak of His greatness. More specifically, the greatness of sending His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior.