Everyone prays.

It may only be in desperate times, but we pray.  We may not understand who to pray to, but we pray.  We may not know exactly what to pray for, but we pray.  There is something about prayer that draws us into a hope that there is someone, out there, who will listen and answer our prayer.

Jesus prayed…he prayed often.  That seems ironic because we may think he is the one we are to pray to.  Who did Jesus pray to?  When did he pray?  What did he pray for? 

There is much to learn from the prayer life of Jesus.  His own disciples asked specifically, “Lord, teach us to pray”.  This guide is designed to help us learn from specific prayers of Jesus.  As we learn to pray like Jesus, we will experience much more peace and fulfillment in our prayer life!

Praying like Jesus changes everything!

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