No impact!

What is Love Week?  Love Week is when our entire church intentionally looks for opportunities to serve others in our community.  We blitz our neighborhoods and communities with acts of service for the entire week.  

What does "NO CONTACT...NO IMPACT" mean?  It simply means that we can't expect to have the chance to influence people's lives for Jesus if we're not spending time with them and developing relationships with them!  It's only when we invest in people's lives that we can have the opportunity to speak truth in to their lives when it really matters!

What are we trying to accomplish?  We're trying to accomplish several things.  First, we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those that we serve.  Second, we're exposing our church family to the needs of our community and helping fulfill those needs.  We do this through strategic partnerships with various not-for-profit organizations in our community.  Our goal is to come along side them to simply ask the question, "What can we do to help you?".  Third, our desire is that our service during Love Week becomes a lifestyle for our church family...not just a once a year kind of thing but a life of service to others! 

How can I serve?  There are two ways for you to serve during Love Week, which is July 7 - July 15.  First, sign up for a project that's been set up with one of our community not-for-profit organizations.  Second, discover how you can bless someone at work, in your neighborhood or in your community where you live!  This simply begins by looking around you and seeing if there is a need that you could help with!  Perhaps it's asking your boss if there's something else that you could do around the office to help out.  Maybe your neighbor could use some help?

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What are you expecting of me?  Our desire is that every family at Crossroads will sign up to help serve on at least one community project and would identify a need around them (work, neighborhood, community) and find a way to fulfill that need.  You're welcome to sign up for more than one project!  *Most projects are family friendly and so we encourage you to get everyone in your family involved!

I'd like to serve through an organized do I do that?  Registration for projects will begin on Sunday, June 3rd, and end on Sunday, July 1st.  Registration will be located in the Connection Area.

What kind of projects can I sign up for?  We have all kinds of ways that you can get involved during Love Week!  Here are just a few project examples:  Free Car Wash for our Community, Painting projects at the Marshall County Neighborhood Center, Community Wide Food Drive, Yard clean up projects for the elderly and disabled families in our community, various events held at one of our local nursing homes, a dinner and movie event for our area residential homes and much more!  CHECK OUT ALL OF OUR PROJECTS HERE!

I'd like to do something on my own but I need some ideas to get our Impact List here for a list of great ideas of things you can do on your own!  Make an impact at work, in your neighborhood and in your community!

What organizations have we partnered with for Love Week 2018?  Here are just a few...

  • Marshall County Neighborhood Center
  • Marshall County Council on Aging
  • REAL Services of Marshall County
  • Michiana Behavioral Health Center
  • Pilgrim Manor
  • Plymouth Parks Department
  • Women's Care Center
  • Samaritan's Operation Christmas Child

It's time to impact our friends, neighbors, co-workers and communities for jesus...

join us by serving during love week 2018

no impact!