Haiti Mission Trip 2015

Haiti Mission Trip 2015


October 3-10, 2015


Cap Haitian, Haiti & surrounding areas


To provide Haitian missionaries and their workers assistance in Haitian Christian Ministry’s medical clinic and other duties as assigned. 


Approximately $1,850 per person ($100 non-refundable deposit due with application) on March 1, 2015. Make checks out to: Crossroads Church


Please be aware that there are certain health risks associated with traveling to a tropical area of the world. For more information please visit the CDC website: www.cdc.gov/index.htm.

Recommended vaccines
Vaccines will be discussed during our team meetings prior to departing for Haiti. 


  • June 1, 2015
    • Next $500 ($600 total)
    • Reference Letters due
  • August 1, 2015
    • Next $500 ($1100 total)
    • Passport received/copy turned in
  • September 1, 2015
    • Final $750 Balance Paid
    • Authorization to leave country form

2014 Crossroads Constitution Revision

2014 Crossroads Constitution Revision

You can find a summary of the amendments below. For a detailed look at all of the revisions to the constitution, click the download button.

Crossroads Constitution and By-Laws

Summary of Amendments – Fall 2014

The 19 amendments below highlight the most significant amendments being proposed by the Elders. There are an additional 16 minor amendments that are listed at the end of this Summary. 

All of the Amendments can be viewed in detail in a “Redline Version” of Crossroads Constitution and By-Laws, which can be downloaded or viewed on Crossroads’ website.  If you do not have access to the internet and would like a hard copy, please contact the church office and they will provide one for you.

Please review these proposed amendments and attend one of the upcoming Town Hall Meetings where we will be discussing the amendments and answering any questions or concerns.  Members of Crossroads will be voting on these amendments at our annual church meeting on November 16.

List of most significant amendments:

  1. EFCA Statement of Faith – added Scripture references.
  2. Organizational Chart – Delete specific Ministry Teams listed.  Reason:  a) it was not meant to be an exhaustive list, and b) maintain leadership flexibility in types of teams we may have.
  3. 5.02 – Qualifications of an Elder - Clarifying that an Elder candidate does not have to be a member for 3 years before serving as an Elder, but that he has been regularly attending Crossroads for at least 3 years.
  4. 5.03 – Functions of an Elder - Proposed rewording to reflect Elders conduct Senior Pastor reviews only (currently implies Elders conduct reviews on all Pastors).  The Senior Pastor is responsible to conduct reviews of other Pastors.
  5. 5.06 – How Elder Added – Entire Section amended to better reflect the actual process.  Currently states Leadership Development Team provides list of candidates to Elders.  Restated to read Leadership Development Team and Elders work together to develop list of Elder candidates.
  6. 5.09 – Elder meetings: 
    1. Changed requirement of minutes at all meetings to just business meetings.  No need to take minutes for “education” or “prayer” meetings.
    2. Eliminated requirement to use Roberts Rules of Order at Elders meetings.  Meetings are much more informal.
  7. 7.04(a,b,c) - Amended how we hire Associate Pastors.  Currently states that a Pastoral Search Team conducts the search and recommends an Associate Pastor to the Senior Pastor.  Change wording to state “the Senior Pastor shall be responsible for the process of selecting and recommending his preferred Associate Pastor candidate to the Elder Team”.
  8. 8.02(b) – Added sentence to show Ministry Staff are accountable to the membership requirements as part of the hiring process.
  9. 9.01(a,b) – Added wording to show Senior Pastor’s involvement in hiring Support Staff.
  10. 9.02(a) – Added sentence to show Support Staff are accountable to the membership requirements as part of the hiring process.
  11. 10.4 – Changed wording on how Ministry Team Leaders are added to better reflect Leadership Development Team and Elder Team working together to develop list of candidates.
  12. 10.6 – Added to show to whom the Ministry Team Leaders are responsible.  (This paragraph was actually moved from Section 11.03 to 10.6, and changed “Teams” to “Leaders”.  Leaders are responsible to Elders; the Teams are responsible to the Team Leader.)
  13. 10.07 – States Ministry Team Leaders shall be a part of the Leadership Community. (Basically, 11.04 was moved to 10.07 and reworded to reflect the “Leadership Community”, which is defined in the new Article XII.)
  14. 11.01 – Ministry Teams – As Crossroads grows and its ministry evolves as the Holy Spirit directs, it is important for the Leadership to have structural flexibility to carry out our mission.  Therefore, we are recommending that we don’t “constitutionally require” specific Ministry Teams by name, as they may change/evolve over time.
  15. 11.03 & 11.04 – These sections were moved to the end or Article X (Ministry Team Leaders).
  16. Article XII - Leadership Community added to define who belongs and how often it meets.
  17. Article XVI – Pastoral Search Team – this section was amended to reflect that this is now only a “Senior” Pastor Search Team.  I.e. this section no longer applies to a Search Team for an Associate Pastor, as this will now be the responsibility of the Senior Pastor.  We believe the Senior Pastor should be the one vetting and selecting the Associate Pastor, and then bring the candidate to the Elders for approval.
  18. 16.03(a) – Amending to allow for more than 1 Elder on the Senior Pastor Search Team.
  19. Article XVIII – Positional Statements - this section is being added as a place for us to place “positional statements” we may want to add to the Constitution.  Per legal advice, we are adding Crossroad’s “Statement on Marriage and Human Sexuality”.

The following is a list of minor amendments.  These minor amendments basically fall into one of these categories:

  • Minor adjustment that does not change any operational or philosophical way Crossroads functions.
  • Grammatical corrections.
  • Same meaning, just improved wording.
  1. 2.04(a) – minor adjustment
  2. 2.04(b) – grammar
  3. 5.04(d) – improved wording
  4. 5.06(c) – improved wording
  5. 6.02(b) – grammatical correction
  6. 6.02(d) – grammatical correction
  7. 6.05(a) – minor adjustment (linked to changes in Pastoral Search Team)
  8. 6.06(b) – grammatical correction
  9. 8.03(a) – minor adjustment
  10. 8.07(c) – improved wording
  11. 9.03(a) – minor adjustment
  12. 9.04(a) – minor adjustment
  13. 10.01(a) – minor adjustment
  14. 10.02(b) – improved wording
  15. Article XV – improved wording & minor adjustment
  16. Article XVII, 5th paragraph – minor adjustment