Saturday, September 30 at 6:30 pm

 If you are planning to be part of our Culver ministry, we would like you to be at this gathering if at all possible!  If you are not yet sure about being involved, please come.  At this Culver ministry gathering, we will pray together, spend some time in the Bible and communicate some key information like: how the layout of the space will look; what leaders are in place for Children’s Ministry, Assimilation Team and the Usher Team; and, what opportunities are available to jump in and help make a difference.  We will hold this one at our Crossroads Plymouth campus. 

Saturday, October 14 at 6:30 pm

This opportunity will be for additional training and equipping of those who have volunteered to be a part of one of the teams, who will be ready on November 4 to actively express the love of Christ as we gather.  Our desire is to meet at the Culver Elementary School for this event.  We’re awaiting final confirmation.

Sunday, October 22 during all three Plymouth campus worship services

This will be a key time in our entire process.  We will have a time of commissioning and sending all those committed to going to Culver.  This will be their last Sunday before beginning to gather for worship in Culver.  We want to send them with prayer and   blessing!!

Saturday/Sunday, October 28 - 29

This is the training and preview weekend.  Saturday will be a time of training with the equipment from Church On Wheels so we become familiar with how it sets up and tears down.  There will be two representatives here from Church On Wheels to walk us through this process.  Time has not yet been determined for this.  Sunday evening at 6:30 will be the preview service.  This service will function just as Saturday nights will in the future.  It’s a “practice,” if you will, from set up, to worship, to tear down. 

Saturday, November 4 at 6:30 pm.  PUBLIC LAUNCH! 

This is the date to share with your family and friends who may be interested in being part of Crossroads Culver.  We will begin promoting this date publicly through many outlets like newspapers, social media, etc.  We will also have some invite cards available for you to take and pass out beginning in October.  Posters will also be available if you would like to put one up in your place of business or places you know of around town that would be open to that.  Spread the word!