Crossroads connecting online - cco

What is CCO?

CCO stands for Crossroads Community Online, and it is exactly what it sounds like. CCO is our primary means of communication with everyone in our church. You can create a friends list, send emails or see where someone lives. You can find a phone number or see what someone is gifted in. You can see what events are coming up for the whole church and specifically for you. You can find a group to join, or see when you are scheduled to serve. You can share files with others from your group and chat in a forum style with other members. You can receive email and text reminders and communication directly from CCO. If you have multiple groups you serve on, you can see all of the events, from all of your groups, on your personal calendar. CCO is our community online...

How do I use cco?

Below are some videos that will help you on your journey to fully utilizing this tool. If you have watched these videos, and still have a question, please contact one of our CCO support staff here.

If you are having trouble getting CCO emails, please take a look at the instructions, here, on how to whitelist CCO so that it does not get caught by your spam filter.

Maneuvering through CCO

Adding People

sending an email through cco

Using the calendar


posting messages

editing / deleting messages

commenting on messages


communication settings

service availability

blocking out dates